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3.9 acres of forested land with two houses built in.


Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

It sits on the Pacific slope of the Tilaran Mountains

The property is bounded by a mountain stream, forests, and a graveled agricultural right-of-way.

Offers magnificent view of the Gulf of Nicoya from any point, including the house.

It is 40km away from the closest beach, and only 2.5km away from the Santa Elena town.

Casona (Main House)

  • 2400 square feet

  • Three bedrooms: two first-floor bedrooms, and one second-floor bedroom

  • Two full bathrooms; one half bath 

  • Floor to ceiling windows

  • Natural light in all the house

  • Large living room

  • Wood stove and spacious kitchen

  • Hood over stove

  • Walk-in pantry

  • Dishwasher

  • Dinette with view of the gulf

  • Laundry room

  • Clothes washer

  • Storage rooms

  • Open office area with view of the Gulf of Nicoya

  • Outside covered deck in front

Casita (Smaller House)

  • 1090 square feet

  • Two bedrooms

  • One and a half bathrooms

  • Floor to ceiling windows

  • Natural light in all the house

  • Great room with kitchen, dinette

  • Kitchen with hood

  • Walk-in pantry

  • Laundry room

  • Lockable Storage room

  • Beautiful views of Gulf of Nicoya

  • Carport and bodega

Gulf of Nicoya View

Both houses fill with natural light during the day. The property has a greenhouse with a watering system, a fenced chicken yard and coop, a gardening/work-shop, and a large storage building. 


A variety of garden patches provide fruits and vegetables. The property has 20 banana trees, 11 citrus trees (3 types of lemon, 3 types of orange, grapefruit), one avocado tree, coffee, blackberry and raspberry patches.


The property’s biodiversity includes native bushes, trees, orchids, stone walls, a river stream, two waterfalls, more than 220 bird species, and a variety of forest wildlife.

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